Why Soya Wax?

It's a cleaner, longer burning wax from a renewable source.

Why Essential Oils?

Have you ever burned fragranced candles which instead of giving a pleasant aroma produce a choking synthetic smell? By carefully formulating our candles with essential oils we avoid this giving you the customer a natural aroma.

By using essential oils you gain the benefits of aromatherapy while the candle burns.

Are your wicks lead-free?

Yes, of course. We create products that are not only kind to the environment but kind to you too.

Do your candles burn without 'tunnelling'?

Yes! You may have seen some candles which look great value with lots of wax, only to find that the wick burns straight down the middle leaving much of the wax on the sides of the glass. You can be sure that our candles are carefully created to ensure that they burn all the way to the edge of the glass. This makes them great value for you, the customer.

Why don't you produce coloured candles?

Because we strive for a completely natural product we don't add colours to the wax. You'll notice some slight colour variation between candles resulting from the different essential oils. We believe this adds character.