The OlaPelu story began when founder, Mairi, took inspiration from the surroundings in which she spent her childhood on the Isle of North Uist, in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland. Influenced by the island’s nature, she endeavoured to create a luxury home-fragrance range that captured and distilled the very essence of its surroundings.

In 2011 she composed her first range of candles; a collection of craft pieces, all handmade using only the finest natural soya wax and purest essential oils.

Seven years and thousands of candles later, Mairi evolved the brand to the next level. While always staying loyal to her Scottish heritage through the new brand name, she reinvented the range giving it a unique, contemporary twist of truly global fragrances.

The Gaelic term for oil, Ola, and an acronym of the brand’s four cornerstones: Pure, Essential, Luxury and Unique were combined to create the name we proudly put on all of our candles… OlaPelu.


A great product is only as good as its ingredients. That’s why OlaPelu insists on using only the finest natural wax and the purest essential oils.

An essential oil is formed when the essence of a plant is extracted and distilled down to its purest form. Used for thousands of years, this process ensures the scent becomes naturally locked into the oil. It’s these raw ingredients that enable us to create a fragrance so deep and rich, and is why we never have to use artificial ingredients or additives.

The power of essential oils goes far beyond superior fragrance, however. They provide an array of health benefits also. All our candles are natural mood enhancers with aromatherapeutic capabilities, that can invoke calmness and instil relaxation. And thanks to their completely natural components, they can usually be safely enjoyed even by allergy sufferers.

We believe a candle should smell exactly of what the description says it will. Our methods of achieving this are simple: we actually use the ingredients that are on the label. So when you open the box and light the wick of our Lavender, Sage & Lime candle, you’ll smell exactly that.

These, along with our four keystones - Pure, Essential, Luxury and Unique - are our core founding beliefs, and we are proud to live by all them. Like our ideas, all our products come from the best supplier in the world: nature.

OlaPelu. Nothing but nature.