A deep, earthy hug

The deep, earthy-sweet hug of cinnamon bark blends with aromatic, woody cloves and is finished with a spritz of fresh orange zest: the quintessential Christmas candle with fragrant versatility which implores you to indulge all year round. Pair with a glowing log fire and glass of peaty single malt as you watch snow settle across the highlands.


Authentic fragrances

We believe a candle should smell exactly of what the description says it will. Our methods of achieving this are simple: we actually use the ingredients that are on the label. So when you open the box and light the wick of our Lavender, Sage & Lime candle, you’ll smell exactly that.


Nothing but nature

A great product is only as good as its ingredients. That’s why OlaPelu insists on using only the finest natural wax and the purest essential oils.


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